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Teaching Workshop 42: Case Study: How to Cope with the Diversified Studentsí» Needs

Speaker: Wang Mingyu (Rachel Wang)
When: 13:30, January 04, 2013 ~ 15:30, January 04, 2013
Where: Room 504, Chen Ruiqiu Building, Minhang Campus

Topic: Teaching Workshop 42: Case Study: How to Cope with the Diversified Students' Needs


Teaching workshop this time will adopt the pattern that all the participants will participate in the case study and together probe into those common problems in daily teaching experiences. The cases selected this time center around how to effectively coordinate the problem of uneven students' levels, including background knowledge, differences between oversees students and Chinese students, different learning styles, interests, aptitude, and different degrees of enthusiasm. The two-hour time allocation is as follows:

(1) 30 minutes: Brief the quality principles of and practice strategies for undergraduate education and how to apply them to analyzing and diagnosing several teaching cases in two series relevant to diversified students' needs. Randomly organize groups with 2 to 4 people per group.
(2) 30 minutes: Each group is to choose one series of cases and explore effective solutions to the core problems put forward.
(3) 40 minutes: Group report/ presentation and collective discussion, 20 minutes per series.
(4) 20 minutes: Concluding comments

This teaching workshop is the forty-second and compared with those before, this one is more practical, targeted and applicable. Your attendance will be welcome.

Speaker biography:

Wang Mingyu (Rachel Wang), graduating with a bachelor degree in chemistry from National Taiwan University and a doctoral degree from Northwestern University, America, has taught at several universities in America for many years and conducted a thorough research in the laws of teaching and learning. From 2009 to 2010, she assumed the position of lecturer at the course for training English-teaching at SJTU three times and was well-received by the attendants. She was Director at Teaching & Learning Center of UM-SJTU Joint Institute. Now she is a distinguished foreign expert in Center for Teaching and Learning Development at SJTU.

Teachers interested in the event please register online before 17:00, January 3, 2013.

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