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Brief Information about the Institute
The Design Institute of Ship and Ocean Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (referred as the Institute) was merged from previous four divisions, i.e., Surface Warship Design, Civil ship Design, Shipbuilding Technology and Ocean Engineering division. The faculty, Being at high level academically and abounded of design experience, was awarded the honor to recruit students pursuing Master and Doctor degrees by the State Department at the first time in the Country. For the past more than 60 years, the Institute has cultivated a large number of outstanding graduates for the State Ministries of Shipbuilding, Transportation, Navy Accouter and Ocean Exploitation, and at the same time, obtained a passel of high level achievements in science research and ship design.
The faculty of the Institute consists of experts from many professions such as general arrangement design, ship structure design, shipbuilding technology, marine engineering and electrical engineering, and etc., thus being strong technically and forming the integrity in manning.
The major sectors of research and design the Institute engaged are as follows:
1)      Design of and research on offshore construction technology and equipment£»
2)      Design of and research on offshore structure and floating production system£»
3)      Design of various type of ships and development of new type ships£»
4)      Calculation and analysis of hydro-dynamic performance and structural strength of ship and offshore structure£»
5)      Research on advanced ship manufacturing technology£»
6)      Economy-technology valuation of water transportation systems.

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